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Electric Motion Company’s hot line clamp is live line tool compatible for distribution tap connections.

Bronze alloy and aluminum alloy castings for high strength, corrosion resistance, and conductor compatibility.

Main: 6–400 MCM
Tap: 6–4/0

Tested to C119.4-1998.

A. Tap connection on the side prevents possible corrosion of conductor or clamp on bimetal connections.

B. Coil spring loaded feature compensates for cold flow and offsets tightening torque variations.

C. Long duck bill for easy installation with the run conductor.

D. Eyebolt is forged to provide corrosion-free strength and uniform expansion under loading.

E. Wide jaw for excellent conductor contact and reduced twisting of the conductor during installation.

Ordering Information

EM HLC-101
Hot Line Clamp, RUS Listed

Add suffix -G for electrical joint compound.

Add suffix -T for tin plating.

Aluminum Hot Line Clamp

Add suffix -G for electrical joint compound.

Add suffix -T for tin plating.

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