Grounding stud
EM209, #3 sol.–4/0 str. (.229–.522)EM892, #4 str.–2/0 str. (.232–.438)EM207LT, #6 sol.–1/0 str. (.162–.325)EM207IT, #6 sol.–1/0 str. (.162–.325)EM207, #6 sol.–1/0 str. (.162–.325)

Grounding Stud, Vise Type Connector

  • For grounding applications conductor to conductor or mounting plate to conductor.
  • Other applications include lightning arrester, steel poles, transformers, etc.
  • Made from high-strength copper alloy.
  • Hardware either silicon bronze or stainless steel.
  • Tin plating and torque shear bolts available.

*EM209 provided with jam nut.


P/NFig.ABCDEFConductor Range
EM2071.75.761.901/2–139/16 hex.625#6 sol.–1/0 str. (.162–.325)
EM207IT2.75.762.043/8–169/16 hex.84#6 sol.–1/0 str. (.162–.325)
EM207LT3.75.761.951/2–139/16 hex1.08#6 sol.–1/0 str. (.162–.325)
EM89241.05.821.781/2–139/16 hex.75#4 str.–2/0 str. (.232–.438)
EM20951.211.011.871/2–139/16 hex.75#3 sol.–4/0 str. (.229–.522)

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Additional Information

Part number

EM207, EM207IT, EM207LT, EM209, EM892

    PROD # Part number
EM 207 EM207
EM892 EM892
EM 209 EM209