Larger Diameter U-Shaped Buried Service Wire Shield Connectors – EM3958 Series

Shield connector for 12-pair buried service wire. Available with anti-crush devices for three different shield sizes: .41″, .48″, .52″. Also available, or with tapped fork and loose 10/32 screw. Also available with flexible insulated harness:

Use the drop-down menu above to choose tapped fork and screw, and optional anti-crush device, or go to the Product Variations tab to find an already configured part number.


Additional Information

Optional tapped fork and screw

Yes, No

Optional anti-crush device

No, .41″, .48″, .52″

    PROD # Optional tapped fork and screw Optional anti-crush device
EM3958-S No No
EM3958-SS Yes No
EM3958-S.41 No .41"
EM3958-S.48 No .48"
EM3958-S.52 No .52"
EM3958-SS.41 Yes .41"
EM3958-SS.48 Yes .48"
EM3958-SS.52 Yes .52"