Rocket 88 Shield Connectors with Removable Fork Tabs (Leads) — EMR88-BXX-TAB…

Rocket 88 shield connector with breakaway rigid, forked lead. Lead (or tab) is 1/2″ long. Used for bonding and grounding buried service wire and small diameter cables at pedestals, terminals, NIDs, station protectors, or buried splices. May also be used to ground the drain wire and/or metallic foil shield of new generation aerial service wires.


  • Bonding and grounding buried service wires (2–12 pairs).
  • Bonding and grounding small cables up to 25 pairs.


  • Universal design reduces the number of parts carried on service vehicle.
  • Can be connected to a ground post (with fork) or to an eyelet or ground bar with holes (with stud).
  • Designed to ground either corrugated or flat bonded shields.
  • Fork length can be manufactured to suit specific applications.
  • Simple to install, significantly reduces installation time.

Standard diameter accommodates 2- to 4-pair BSW. Expanded diameter accommodates up to 12-pair BSW, or up to 25-pair cable.

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Product Description

Use the drop-down menu below to choose optional expanded radius, optional short stud (pictured), optional torque shear nut, or optional extra-long tab (3/4″), or go to the Product Variations tab to find an already configured part number.

Additional Information

Optional expanded radius

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Optional extra-long tab

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