Rocket 88 Shield Connectors with Attached Leads

Cat 3–7 Shield Connectors

This all-inclusive shield connector can be used to terminate both buried and aerial service wires manufactured with a metallic shield, as well as inside wiring for equipment grounds. Comes with a factory-mounted #10 flexible lead that provides a simple way for the technician to bond and ground the shield of the service wire where the ground post or point is distanced from the wire terminal or protector block. Also works well in situations where access to the station equipment is tight or wire rework is expected.


  • #10 lead is available in any length specified.
  • Lead can be provided as loose piece (separate from connector).
  • Available with ring or hook terminals.
  • Optional expanded radius accommodates 5–12 pairs, and cables up to 25 pairs.


  • Designed to work with corrugated or flat/bonded shields
  • Provides excellent pullout strength without punching a stud hole
  • Universal design

Use the drop-down menu below to choose long or short stud, optional expanded radius, optional torque shear head nut, terminal type, length of lead, and optional two flat washers, or go to the Product Variations tab to find an already configured part number.

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Additional Information

Short or long stud

Long, Short

Optional expanded radius

No, Yes

Optional torque shear nut

No, Yes

Terminal type

Hook, Plain (just wire end), Ring

Length of harness

10″, 18″, 24″, 6″, Other

Optional washers

No, Yes

    PROD # Short or long stud Optional expanded radius Optional torque shear nut Terminal type Length of harness Optional washers
EM-R88LB10H10 Long No No Hook 10" No
EM-R88LB10P24 Long Yes No Plain (just wire end) 24" Yes
EM-R88LBE10H10 Long Yes No Hook 10" No