Spark Gap Shield Termination with 15″ or 36″ Lead, #6 AWG — BARP

These clamps are designed for use in the distribution pedestal where an indirect or isolated type of connection is desired. This method of termination prevents the shield of the buried service wire from becoming a conductor of unwanted stray voltages, yet allowing higher voltages, such as lightning, to go safely to ground.


Works with 2 pair–6 pair shielded buried service wire if the jacket can be stripped from the shield. Works with all of the major pedestals.


  • The spark gap is built into the clamp itself, eliminating the craft-sensitive methods of termination, such as a circumferential knife cut in the jacket, or a buildup of electrical tape.
  • Available with an insulator boot.
  • Minimum spark-over voltage is 1–3 KV.
  • Meets Bellcore criteria for lightning surge per spec #TR-NWT-001001.
  • Spark gap electrodes can be easily bypassed, if desired, by tightening the side screw in the insulator. This bridges across the electrodes, making a direct connection to ground.

Spark Gap U-Shaped BSW Shield Connector with 15″ or 36″ #6 AWG flexible lead, ring terminal, PVC insulator hood, and warning tag.

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Additional Information

Length of harness

15″, 36″

    PROD # Length of harness
EM3955-6S/8100-15BARP 15"
EM3955-6S/8100-36BARP 36"