Aluminum Extension Bracket (Tap)

Aluminum, for strand 6M and 6.6M. Used in CATV drop installations to secure a tap to the messenger strand when it cannot be attached directly. The unit is offset below the strand, preventing cable abrasion on the equipment housing.

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Product Description


  • 2 1/2″ size (distance between strand and tap).
  • Bracket and clamping plates are made of aluminum alloy.
  • Bolt and nut are made of steel.
  • Designed for 1/4″ (6.6M) and 5/16″ (6M) messenger strand.
  • Square hole in bracket prevents bolt rotation when tightening.
  • Tap mounting hole accepts up to a 5/16″ bolt.
  • Bend at top edge of bracket prevents rotation when bolts are tightened.
  • Interlocking clamping plates assure a positive and secure grip on the messenger strand.