Bond Bar/Bond Bar with Tubing — EM4420, EM4422…

A roll of soft tin-plated electrical grade copper with alternate round and slotted holes. Optional PVC insulator.


Product Description


For bonding across splices, shield continuity, and general grounding.


  • Can be cut to length.
  • Available with black PVC insulator pre-installed at the factory.
  • Easily sealed against “B” sealing tape when exiting splice case.
  • Soft temper helps material form easily for neater installation.

Additional Information

Length in feet

100 feet, 25 feet, 400 feet, Other


No, Yes

    PROD # Length in feet Insulated?
EM4420 25 feet No
EM4420-100 100 feet No
EM4422 25 feet Yes
EM4420-400 400 feet No