Bronze Hot Line Clamp — EM-HLC-101


  • Wide “duck bill” jaw—reduces twisting of conductor during installation; greater surface contact
  • Body made from silicon bronze—greater strength, conductivity
  • Stainless steel spring loaded (not lock washer)—keeps constant tension during temperature changes
  • Forged eyebolt—strength
  • Aluminum bronze eye stem (tap)—strength
Catalog NumberRun Conductor SizeTap Conductor SizeApproximate Dimensions (Inches)

Available with optional electrical joint compound, and with optional tin plating. When tin-plated, can be used on copper or aluminum.


Additional Information

Tin plating

No, Yes

Optional electrical joint compound

No, Yes

    PROD # Tin plating Optional electrical joint compound
EM-HLC-101 No No
EM-HLC-101-T Yes No
EM-HLC-101-G No Yes
EM-HLC-101-TG Yes Yes