Cable Rack Bond Clamp

Mechanically galvanized steel clamp assembly.


  • For use with all standard cable racks.
  • Works with a variety of conductors, i.e., solid or stranded #6 AWG, bonding ribbons, and round or flat braid.
  • Eliminates “sandwiching” the conductor between two flat washers.
  • Can be used with one conductor, or to connect two conductors.
  • Easily installed by hanging the clamp in a hook hole, inserting the conductor(s) and tightening.
  • Mechanically zinc plated for corrosion resistance.


For use when bonding cable racks to a ground point common with other hardware to aid in corrosion prevention.

Available in other sizes and styles:

  • For bonding ribbon or #6 AWG wire to cable racking. EM3777
  • For Unistrut P16F cable entrance facilities, #1 and #2 AWG wire. EM3779
  • For Unistrut P21H cable entrance facilities, 2 1/4″ and 1 3/4″. Flat back plate, with extra tang to keep back plate from slipping out of place. EM3779-1