IDC Bond Clamp (Large & Medium)

Save time and money on bonding and locating jobs. Insulation displacement contact (IDC) pierces armored fiber cable jackets. Clamp body is made from engineering-grade thermoplastic the (IDC) contact makes electrical continuity to the armor without penetrating the shield or causing attenuation to the fiber. The IDC connection maintains contact throughout the seasons, in spite of environmental changes to the cable. Available in Large and Medium with closures for buried applications.


  • Will not cause attenuation to the fibers
  • Gel-filled IDC connector for waterproof connection
  • Rated for #14–#6 AWG ground wire
  • Meets Telcordia and UL requirements for “Cable Shield Bonding Clamps”
  • Range-taking: Medium cable outside diameter  .48″–.79″ & Large .80″ – 1.3″
  • No opening of the cable sheath