Gate Ground Assemblies — EMGG1.5/2… SP224

Features and Benefits

  • Integral component of a fence grounding system.
  • Helps eliminate dangerous touch potential.
  • Used when it is not feasible to bond to fence/gate posts exothermically.
  • Flex jumper assemblies use #2 AWG straight pull wire.
  • Shipped unassembled.

Use the chart below to choose your fence post size and determine the part number you need, then go to the Product Variations tab to find that part number.

Part NumberNominal Gate Post Size RangeNominal Fence Post Size RangeJumper Size (AWG)Jumper LengthApprox. Weight (lbs)
EM GG1.5/2-2.5/3 SP2241.5"–2"2.5"–3"#224"2 1/2
EM GG1.5/2-3.5/4 SP2241.5"–2"3.5"–4#224"3
EM GG1.5/2-5/6 SP2241.5"–2"5"–6"#224"3 1/2

Additional Information

Part number

EMGG1.5/2-2.5/3 SP224, EMGG1.5/2-3.5/4 SP224, EMGG1.5/2-5/6 SP224

    PROD # Part number
EMGG1.5/2-2.5/3 SP224 EMGG1.5/2-2.5/3 SP224
EMGG1.5/2-3.5/4 SP224 EMGG1.5/2-3.5/4 SP224
EMGG1.5/2-5/6 SP224 EMGG1.5/2-5/6 SP224