Ground Rod Clamp/Closure — EM4DB, EM5DB…

A cast silicon bronze clamp for use on 1/2-inch to 5/8-inch ground rods.

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Product Description


  • Swivel design (EM4DBs) or removable bolt design (EM5DBs) allow installation anywhere on a ground rod, above or below an existing clamp.
  • One size fits all variations of 1/2″–5/8″ copper clad and galvanized ground rods.
  • Foolproof installation—optional torque shear heads break away at a predetermined torque to prevent over- or under-torquing.
  • No loosening of bolts—optional nylon lock mechanism maintains constant tension.
  • Quick installation—“V”-shaped halves keep wire automatically centered on ground rod.
  • Low resistance—wire comes in direct contact with ground rod, making best possible connection.
  • No reversing necessary—design fits tightly on small size 1/2″ rods, does not bottom out.
  • Optional grease-filled closure helps prevent corrosion.
  • Accommodates #12–#6 AWG ground wires.

Click here to order just the grease-filled closure.

Click here to order a swivel-type ground rod clamp with a separate connection for Mule Tape Locating Wire.

Additional Information

Opening method

Swivel, Removable bolt

Anti-loosening device

No, Yes

Optional gel-filled closure

No, Yes

Type of nut

1/2″ hex head, 1/2″ torque shear heads, 7/16″ hex head, 7/16″ torque shear heads

    PROD # Opening method Anti-loosening device Optional gel-filled closure Type of nut
EM4DB Swivel No No 7/16" hex head
EM4DB-01 Swivel No No 7/16" torque shear heads
EM4DB-02 Swivel Yes No 1/2" torque shear heads
EM4DBBR Swivel Yes No 1/2" torque shear heads
EM4DBBRC Swivel Yes Yes 7/16" torque shear heads
EM5DB Removable bolt Yes No 7/16" hex head
EM5DBBRC Removable bolt Yes Yes 7/16" torque shear heads