Intersystem Bonding Terminal For Grounding Electrode Conductor — EM-GEC101, EM-GEC102

This intersystem bonding terminal installs on a short run of the grounding electrode conductor. It fits onto #6 or #4 AWG and has ports for three communications ground wires. It can connect system ground wire for cable TV installation, telephone, and broadband (satellite).

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Product Description

Made of brass for long life with no corrosion, this terminal is available with an optional plastic cover.


  • Installs easily with terminal wrench.
  • Creates no “difference in potential” between various communications system grounds and power ground.
  • Plastic cover blends with house colors.


  • No searching for proper ground connection.
  • Once installed, it leap-frogs all other choices.
  • Meets the latest National Electric Codes (see below).

NEC® Section 250.94 Requirements

  • An intersystem bonding termination for connecting intersystem bonding and grounding connectors required for other systems shall be provided external to enclosures at the service equipment and at the disconnecting means for any additional buildings or structures.
  • The intersystem bonding termination device shall not interfere with opening a service or metering equipment enclosure.
  • The intersystem bonding termination shall have the capacity for connection of not less than three intersystem bonding conductors.

Additional Information

Optional plastic cover

No, Yes

    PROD # Optional plastic cover
EM-GEC101 No
EM-GEC102 Yes