Intersystem Bonding Terminal for Power Conduits up to 4 1/2″ diameter — EM5918-3, EM5918-3B

Under the latest NEC® (below), use of these devices is encouraged. Device is placed on power service metallic mast (conduit). Three ground-wire connecting holes can accept wires up to #6 AWG. Telephone, cable TV, and broadband services are then attached and grounded by the same device, directly to power, no differences in potential. Once device is installed, this leapfrogs all other choices.

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Product Description


  • All copper alloy construction.
  • 18″-long copper strap fits any round conduit up to 4 1/2″ diameter.
  • Applies with standard terminal wrench.
  • Accommodates #6–#14 sol or str.
  • Available also with teeth to bite through paint, or tin-plated for aluminum.
  • Ground wire holes may run parallel or perpendicular to the strap.


Grounding CATV, telephone, and broadband installations at residences.


NEC® Section 250.94 Requirements

  • An intersystem bonding termination for connecting intersystem bonding and grounding connectors required for other systems shall be provided external to enclosures at the service equipment and at the disconnecting means for any additional buildings or structures.
  • The intersystem bonding termination device shall not interfere with opening a service or metering equipment enclosure.
  • The intersystem bonding termination shall have the capacity for connection of not less than three intersystem bonding conductors.

Additional Information

Direction of ground wire holes

Parallel, Perpendicular

Tin plating

No, Yes

Optional teeth

No, Yes

    PROD # Direction of ground wire holes Tin plating Optional teeth
EM5918-3 Parallel No No
EM5918-3B Perpendicular No No