Lo-Ohm Grounding Cement

Lo-Ohm Grounding Cement is a fine powder packaged in 55-lb. bags which provides an environmentally safe, long-term solution to many grounding problems. Lo-Ohm Grounding Cement grounding electrodes are easily installed by spreading the dry powder in a strip over and around a conductor in a horizontal trench. When the trench is refilled, Lo-Ohm Grounding Cement absorbs moisture from the surrounding soil and hardens to become part of the grounding electrode. The surface area of the electrode is thus dramatically increased, and resistance to ground is substantially reduced. In addition, surge impedance is also lowered significantly.

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Product Description

Lo-Ohm Grounding Cement was developed in the 1970s to aid in the grounding of electric power transmission lines in mountainous areas where construction is difficult and soil resistivities tend to be high. Since then, it has proven effective in a wide variety of other applications, including power station grids, telecommunication switches, radio transmission towers, and cathodic protection systems. The consistent performance of Lo-Ohm Grounding Cement grounding systems has been confirmed through long-term monitoring of installed electrodes. Independent testing has shown that Lo-Ohm Grounding Cement is environmentally safe, and has proven that Lo-Ohm Grounding Cement-covered copper electrodes last ten times longer than bare copper ground wires.


  • Reduces resistance to ground.
  • Lowers surge impedance significantly.
  • Environmentally safe.
  • Provides ideal contact with the surrounding soil.
  • Reduces corrosion in grounding conductors.
  • Cost-efficient and maintenance-free.


  • Electric transmission and distribution towers.
  • Power plant grounding grids.
  • Substation ground systems.
  • Cathodic protective systems.
  • Central office switches.
  • Cellular systems.
  • Remote digital switches.
  • Radio transmission towers.
  • Central office DC power.