Meter Box Clamps — EM-MB5…

EM-MB5 meter box bonding and grounding connector with top-tightening spade wedge contact point.

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Product Description


Bonding and grounding telco and CATV to power ground.


  • Stainless steel and copper alloy to reduce corrosion.
  • Applies with a standard terminal wrench/nut runner—no special tools.
  • Gel-filled cap helps prevent corrosion at the piercing points.
  • Easy, foolproof installation.
  • Mounts on the side—does not interfere with the cover or collapse the sides.
  • Small and inconspicuous.
  • Accommodates #6–#14 AWG solid or stranded ground wire.
  • Makes electrical contact under the dripcap of the box, on bare, unpainted metal.
  • Available with an extra-long body, to accommodate meter boxes with an extended lip on the top cover—EM-MB5-XL.
  • Also available with alternate caps (not gel-filled) to cover the prongs and the bottom—EM-MB5-NP.
  • Also available with narrow spade wedge contact point, and flat top and bottom (no need for caps)—EM-MB5-H-F.

Use the drop-down menu above to choose optional alternate caps, optional extra-long body, or narrow wedge, or go to the Product Variations tab to find an already configured part number.

Additional Information

Optional extra-long body

No, Yes

Optional narrow wedge

Yes, No

Optional alternate caps

No, Yes

    PROD # Optional extra-long body Optional narrow wedge Optional alternate caps
EM-MB5 No No No
EM-MB5-H-F No Yes No
EM-MB5-XL Yes No No