Meter Box Ground Clamp for Intersystem Bonding

Meter box ground clamp for intersystem bonding with top-tightening groove contact point, six ground wire connection points.


  • Meet the requirements of 2008 NEC® Section 250.94 (below).
  • Gel-filled caps help prevent corrosion at the piercing points.
  • Easy, foolproof installation.
  • Apply with a standard terminal wrench or 3/8 nut driver—no special tools required.
  • Make electrical contact under the dripcap of the box, on bare, unpainted metal.
  • Accommodate #6–#14 AWG solid or stranded ground wire.
  • Stainless steel to reduce corrosion.
  • Contact area copper alloy for maximum conductivity.
  • Will not cause damage to weld point.

Product Description

2008 NEC® Section 250.94 Requirements

  • An intersystem bonding termination for connecting intersystem bonding and grounding connectors required for other systems shall be provided external to enclosures at the service equipment and at the disconnecting means for any additional buildings or structures.
  • The intersystem bonding termination device shall not interfere with opening a service or metering equipment enclosure.
  • The intersystem bonding termination shall have the capacity for connection of not less than three intersystem bonding conductors.


Bonding and grounding telco and CATV to power ground.

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