Ground straps on a roll with clear, see-through insulation.


Product Description

Construction: Tinned copper rope-lay with pure copper termination clip. Equivalent to a #6 AWG. Standard terminations every 4 inches, with 1/4″ diameter mounting holes.

Standard spool is 25 feet. A kit is available with 25 feet each of five colors (blue, orange, brown, slate, and green) in a dispenser box.


  • Comes with clear PVC insulation, with UV inhibitor, in order to locate mounting holes easily.
  • Clear insulation can come in any color. Various cables in a closure can be identified by colors of bonding harnesses.
  • Insulation is tight to harness, creates a neater look.
  • One-piece terminal clip for greater conductivity.
  • Gas-tight crimp minimizes corrosion.
  • Comes on a roll—can be cut to length with splicer’s snips.
  • Simple design provides for easy, foolproof installation. Terminates like any standard connection.
  • Flexibility allows movement of cable without loosening connections.
  • Factory-installed terminations provide maximum pull-out strength. No need to carry special tools.
  • Pre-punched mounting holes are safer, eliminating the need to use a sharp instrument.
  • Solderless termination.
  • Unique patented design.


  • Continuous looping of ground wire from ground point to ground point with no breaks.
  • Grounding machinery needing flexible ground because of vibration.
  • Fence and gate electrical grounding to create various lengths at a site.
  • Provides bond when using heat shrinkable material.
  • Provides bond when using closure not equipped with bonding hardware.

Additional Information

Insulation color

All (kit), Black PVC, Blue, Brown, Clear, Green, None, Orange, Orange web, Slate

Length in feet

10 feet, 100 feet, 25 feet, 50 feet, Other

    PROD # Insulation color Length in feet
EM 06MB-25COR-4.25 Orange 25 feet
EM 06MB-25CBR-4.25 Brown 25 feet
EM 06MB-25CSL-4.25 Slate 25 feet
EM 06MB-25CG-4.25 Green 25 feet
EM 06MB-25KIT-4.25 All (kit) 25 feet
EM 06MB-25C-4.25 Clear 25 feet
EM 06MB-25B-4.25 None 25 feet
EM 06MB-25I-4.25 Black PVC 25 feet
EM 06MB-100CG4.25 Green 100 feet
EM 06MB-50B-4.25 Black PVC 50 feet
EM 06MB-50CG4.25 Green 50 feet