Rebar Clamp

Rebar clamp for 3⁄8″–5⁄8″ rebar, #14–#4 AWG wire.

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Product Description

A stainless steel/bronze alloy clamp designed for attaching ground wires to the rebar of a building foundation, for either bonding or grounding.


C-shaped design allows for one-handed installation in confined areas. Great for the access hole situations: Just connect the ground wire to the clamp first. The clamp/wire can be held with the can wrench, allowing the installer to reach into the access hole. Attach clamp/wire with one swift operation. Torque shear head tightening bolt is designed to break around 30 in.-lbs., assuring a positive connection.

Works with 3⁄8″, 1⁄2″, and 5⁄8″ rebar and #14–#4 AWG wire. Suitable for direct burial.


2005 NEC Article 250.52 (A)(3) requires all “present” grounding electrodes to be bonded together to form a grounding electrode system. “Present” concrete-encased electrodes (reinforcing bar, or rebar) and/or grounded I-beam must be included in the grounding electrode system.