Rocket 88 Shield Connector for Small Cables

A small diameter shield connector.

Product Description


  • Brass for strength and conductivity.
  • Tin plated for corrosion compatibility with aluminum, copper, and steel.
  • Shaped bottom plate facilitates insertion into small cables and buried service wires.
  • Teeth on top plate and blossoms on bottom plate give high pull-out strength.
  • Standard size stud accommodates all bonding and grounding harnesses.
  • Meets Bellcore electrical specifications.
  • Circular, rounded bottom plate electrically isolates shield from cable pairs to prevent shorts and grounds.
  • Designed to work with corrugated or flat/bonded shields
  • Provides excellent pullout strength without punching a stud hole
  • Universal design


Bonding and grounding small cables up to 25 pair.