Small Clam Shell

Grounding/Bonding Kit:

Half-size clam shell type connector with 8″ long harness flex/solid, gel-filled snap-on closure, strand bond clamp.

Product Description

A simple two-part steel connector designed to encircle and ground a shielded fiber optic cable.


  • Multiple screws penetrate the jacket to ground the shield.
  • No need to remove the sheath. Makes for a faster, easier installation.
  • Hexcap screws also secure and ground the steel strength members.
  • Screws bottom-out on the surface of the connector to make a foolproof installation. Cannot be over-torqued or under-torqued.
  • Galvanized steel and tin-plated screws for corrosion resistance.
  • Hollow hexcap screws create a relief for plastic.
  • Serrated, angled surface of hex screws displace the plastic to the sides instead of pushing plastic into shield, creating a better electrical contact.
  • Serrations remove any coating on shield for better electrical contact.


For shielded fiber optic cable with and without strength members.