Splice Case Bonding and Grounding Kits EM3042

A kit of parts consisting of a 36″ piece of covered Ultrabond, a plug, braid and stud assembly, an insulator, and a “DO NOT REMOVE” tag. For use in metal splice cases for building entrances, for use with Type 50 cases in manholes (for external bonding and grounding).

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Product Description


  • Greatly reduce installation time.
  • Provide more reliable, positive bond and ground.
  • Less chance of air/water leak.
  • Keyway-shaped hole in external ground plug allows connection of all ground wires including solid #6, plain bond ribbon, Ultrabond, etc.


  • Can be used in 50 Type plastic/fiberglass case (does not pass through the “B sealing tape” to possibly cause leaks).
  • Replaces the inner sheath ring connector in metal splice cases for building entrances.
  • Can be used in manholes. External ground plug allows continuous bonding, case to case, without soldering.
  • Allows tasteful grounding method when connecting double shielded cable to single shielded (external plug is bonded to outer shield).

Standard packaging: 20/bx, 12 lb/bx.