Spring-Loaded Hot Line Clamp — EM-HLC820-SL

The spring-loaded hot line clamp was designed to eliminate carpal tunnel syndrome and rotator cuff injuries for the lineman. It does not require repetitive twisting and untwisting, minimizing the actions that cause injuries. Also, because it is quick to install or uninstall, it reduces the lineman’s time spent with arms extended upward.

Once the clamp was produced and tested, a performance advantage became apparent. The large, long spring provides constant pressure through any heating, cooling, and vibration, mitigating any contact failures.


  • Wide “duck bill” jaw – reduces twisting of conductor during installation; greater surface contact
  • Body made from silicon bronze – greater strength, conductivity
  • Stainless steel spring loaded (not lock washer) – keeps constant tension during temperature changes and vibration
  • Spring loaded – reduces injuries, maximizes performance
  • Aluminum bronze eye stem (tap) – strength
  • Made in the USA

Available with optional tin plating.


Additional Information

Tin plating

No, Yes

    PROD # Tin plating
EM-HLC820-SL-T Yes