Theft Deterrent System — EM-TDS…

Solid tinned copper wire with armored shielding factory-crimped every 8–10″.
System includes deep-cleated staples.


  • Installs from bucket or ground (see photos).
  • Staples may be installed by hand (see photos).
  • Staples may be installed using a staple stick (see photos).
  • Attach armored ground wire to ground rod clamp below grade (see photos).
  • Makes for low-profile installation.
  • Copper wire armor may be galvanized or stainless steel.
  • Installed system makes copper theft very difficult compared to traditional methods using exposed or conduit-
    covered ground wire.
  • Available for #6, #4, and #2 solid tinned copper wire.
  • Reduces cost of replacing stolen copper wire repeatedly at some locations.
  • Does not require special tools.

Product Description

Use the drop-down menu above to choose length, wire gauge, and stainless or galvanized steel, or go to the Product Variations tab to find an already configured part number.

Additional Information

Length in feet

10 feet, 15 feet, 18 feet, 20 feet, 25 feet, 5 feet, Other

Wire gauge

#2 AWG, #4 AWG, #6 AWG

Stainless or galvanized steel

Stainless, Galvanized

    PROD # Length in feet Wire gauge Stainless or galvanized steel
EM-TDS-18 18 feet #4 AWG Stainless