Top Stud Battery Terminal System

Conductivity – 100% pure copper, tin plated, is much more efficient than cast alloy products. The mating offset contact (recessed) pad insures superior current flow from terminal to terminal at all times.

Flexibility – A single, double, or three-way connection can be made by stacking parts. Cables sizes can be mixed by stacking different size terminals. Multiple cable connections are not limited to two at 180°.

Strength – Fully annealed to prevent cracking while being crimped and while in service.

Uniformity – Wall thickness will not vary. No flaws to create hot spot and connection failure.

Economy – The lowest-cost system with the highest conductivity. The terminals cost less, and fewer need to be stocked for 100% coverage. Lower-cost, compact tools can be used on easy-to-crimp annealed copper terminals.

See the table below for the assortment of battery terminals.

Catalog No.AWG
40381-54/0 .559 I.D.
40382-54/0 .590 I.D.
40383-54/0 .625 I.D.