Trailer I-Beam Clamps — EM4014…

A tin-plated bronze casting with teeth; brass hex thru-bolt with hole, brass set screw, and bronze lockwasher.

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Product Description


  • Applied with the standard terminal wrench.
  • Tin plate reduces corrosion.
  • Silicon bronze for greater strength and conductivity.
  • Perforated bonding ribbon or braid with eyelets attaches under set screw.


  • Grounding to metal buildings, bridges.
  • Provides connection for bonding and grounding wires, ribbons, and braid to I-beams.
  • Also used as strand clamp (electrical).

The five trailer I-beam clamps accommodate different ground wire gauges and formats. Please read the description of each, look at the pictures, and use the dropdown menu above to choose by part number.

With ground wire hole and short slot, enabling connection of #6 and #10 AWG simultaneously, as well as #6–#14 AWG individually.

With plain round ground wire hole to accept #6–#14 AWG.

Larger diameter cross hole accommodates stranded #6 AWG ground wire, .228 diameter, and down to #14 AWG.

EM 4018
With ground wire hole for #6–#14 AWG, and long slot to also connect plain bond ribbon.

Hole and slot combination accepts ribbon, two wires simultaneously, or #6–#14 AWG individually.

Additional Information

Part number

EM4014, EM4015, EM4015C, EM4018, EM4019

    PROD # Part number
EM4014 EM4014
EM4015 EM4015
EM4015C EM4015C
EM4018 EM4018
EM4019 EM4019