Universal Ground Clamps up to #2 stranded — EM5912.310PT, EM5914.310PT

Universal ground clamp with clip nut, for ground wire sizes up to #2 stranded AWG.


Perforated, tin-plated copper straps with threaded clip and bronze bolt assembly. They are available with a smooth strap, or with teeth to bite into the grounding electrode.


Product Description


Connecting ground wires to water pipes, ground rods, power masts, and conduits.


  • Fits around any size water pipe, ground rod, or power mast.
  • Works with all the materials commonly used for grounding electrodes, i.e., copper water pipes, galvanized pipes, copper clad ground rods, plain steel ground rods, conduits on riser poles.
  • Connects all the ground wire sizes from #6 solid AWG–#2 stranded AWG. For other conductor ranges, please call us at 860/379-8515.
  • Ground wires can be added or changed without removing ground clamp.
  • Clamp is installed and wire is attached from the same side, making application easier in confined spaces.
  • Toothed version (see picture below) bites through corrosion and paint for better electrical contact.

Additional Information


12″, 14″, 9″, Other

Optional toothed strap

Yes, No

    PROD # Length Optional toothed strap
EM5912.310PT 12" Yes
EM5914.310PT 14" Yes