Universal Ground Clamps — EM5500 Series

A 12″ or 7″ perforated copper strap with a brass bolt assembly.

Connects #6–#14 AWG, fits all grounding electrodes 3/8″–3 1/2″ OD.



Product Description


Connecting ground wires to water pipes, ground rods, and power masts.


  • Fits around any size water pipe, ground rod, or power mast.
  • Works with all the materials commonly used in grounding electrodes, i.e. copper water pipes, galvanized pipes, copper clad ground rods, plain steel ground rods.
  • Connects all the ground wire sizes from #14 AWG to solid #6.
  • Flat bottom on dome-shaped washer will not nick small gauge wire.
  • Can be daisy-chained to be able to fit around very large diameter pipes.
  • Ground wires can be added or changed without removing ground clamp.
  • Tin-plated version available to be used with aluminum power masts.
  • Optional extra flat washers are available so that small gauge (#10, #12, #14 AWG) wires can be connected between washers while #6 solid bond wire is captured in through hole. Therefore, one ground clamp can be used where two were necessary before.
Part NumberGrounding ElectrodesWire SizeLengthDistinguishing FeaturesListings
EM55003/8"–3 1/2" OD#6–#14 AWG12"CSA, UL
EM55073/8"–2" OD#6–#14 AWG7"CSA, UL
EM55103/8"–3 1/2" OD#6–#14 AWG12"Extra flat washersUL
EM55173/8"–2" OD#6–#14 AWG7" Extra flat washersUL

Use the drop-down menu above to choose length, optional extra flat washers, and optional tin plating, or go to the Product Variations tab to find an already configured part number.

Additional Information


12″, 7″

Tin plating

No, Yes

Two extra flat washers

Yes, No

    PROD # Length Tin plating Two extra flat washers
EM5500 12" No No
EM5507 7" No No
EM5510 12" No Yes
EM5517 7" No Yes
EM5512T 12" Yes Yes