U-Shaped Buried Service Wire Shield Connectors with Optional Pair Protection

Electric Motion’s shield connector, complete with pair protection, is designed to provide customers with a versatile, craft-friendly system for terminating all types of industry standard shielded buried service wires.


  • Permits easy and reliable termination of metallic shields at network interface devices (NIDs), station protector devices, pedestals, optical network unit and terminal locations.
  • Facilitates termination of all corrugated or flat-shield buried service wire designs.


  • Multi-functional and customized for customer’s specific application.
    • Preparation of the buried service wire and installation of each connector follows the same basic procedures.
    • Results in faster on-site connections.
  • Provides anti-crush protection and excellent strain relief.
    • Connectors stay securely fastened long after connections are made.
    • Provides superior pullout strength during subsequent wiring or repair activity.
  • Pairs are insulated from sharp edges of metallic shield; virtually eliminates metallic troubles at the shield/connector interface.
  • Pair protectors are available to accommodate the various shield designs, multiple or single wire applications, and different wire sizes: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, & 12 pairs, 19/22 AWG.
  • Available in fork, hook, ring, and flag terminal end configurations.
  • All metallic components are constructed of brass, tin-plated or die-cast zinc to provide low-resistance connections even in the harshest outside plant environments.
    • Strong, corrosion-resistant components.
    • Reusable.
    • High quality.